Record, Rate, Race

The Setups for Racing Games app, allows racers to create setups and share them with the community; as well as view setups posted by other members. If a setup proves to be quick or useful to you then you can award them a trophy, or give them a comment.

Coming in update 2021.1.0

  • Ability to create a private setup
  • Ability to create custom dashes
  • Brand new dash style

Update 2021.0.3

What's New?

  • Fixed an issue with the F12021 Dash
  • Brand new home screen
  • Added support for F1 2021
  • More Screens now update based on Team Colour
  • New Logo and colour scheme
  • Added ability to switch between KPH and MPH
  • Added ability to edit and delete your own setups
  • Added ability to save setups
  • Added ability to rate setups 1-5

Coming in update 2021.1.0: Creating Custom Dashes!

New from F1 2018 -> You can now record setups in app using UDP. To enable UDP go to the game settings -> Telemetry settings -> Make sure the mode is the one for the game and it is set to broadcast mode.

- F1 2021
- F1 2020
- F1 2019
- F1 2018

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